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Advantage Pet Center

Advantage Pet Center

Located in the Heart of Pinellas County

Our goal is to provide the same loving care for your pets that we provide for our own. Everyone who works at Advantage Pet Center has extensive dog, cat and pet care experience and provide only the best for your furry “kids”!

Come. Sit. Stay.

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Woman holding dog on lap

Play All Day, Sleep All Night

We keep your dogs active and stimulated during the day, so that when night comes, they are tired and relaxed. And tired, relaxed dogs are HAPPY dogs!! When night finally comes at ADVANTAGE PET CENTER, all the dogs sleep really well. We provide your dog with a fun, happy and loving experience. When you dog comes for his second stay, we want him pulling you in the door!

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Advantage Pet Center values all of the feedback that we receive from our beloved clients. Here is just a small sample of the happy pets that have had a blast at our resort!